Natural Dark Red Hair

Natural Dark Red Hair. In fact, dark red hair is a more natural complement to brown hair than blonde, so take advantage of this cool and gorgeous look. Brick red hair is a unique dark shade of red.

black girls with red hair - Red Hair #black #Red #RedHair ...
black girls with red hair - Red Hair #black #Red #RedHair ... from
Red hair is amazing, think of the natural redheads you know. 15 best red hair dyes for fresh, vibrant locks. Is their hair bright red, or deep burgundy?

Red hair is timeless and sexy.

Red hair was considered a type of muddy brown that look closer to apple, especially when it's in certain light and sunglight. Check out our gallery of red shades for inspiration. Opt for a style that shows off the color dark red auburn has a deeper tone that makes the hair look healthy. In need of the perfect red hair color shade?

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