The procedure of tooth filling

Uncategorized / Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

With the advancements in every field, dentistry has been evolved for the better treating of the patients from every corner of the world. When there is a cavity that is created in a tooth it should be filled. One of the best tooth filling in chennai for cheapest cost. This cavity occurs when the portion of decay in a tooth is removed by the dentist. This cannot be left unfilled as over time other particles might get accumulated and cause severe damage to the tooth. So, dentist use fillings and cover these cavities. Some of the other instances where fillings are used are to repair broken tooth or teeth that are cracked. When the teeth are not taken care of properly and have been misused over a period of time they might get worn down and can need fillings. Some of the activities that will lead to the wearing down of teeth are teeth grinding and nail biting. Steps that are followed while filling a tooth are numbing the area around the tooth that needs filling. The next step is the removal of the decayed area using a drill or an air abrasion instrument. Laser is also used in some places to do this work. Next, the area is tested to see if all the decay has been removed. Finally the tooth is filled with materials like mercury with silver, copper, zinc or tin.